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Miles Groom (2nd), Thomas Creighton (3rd) and Jack Shawyer (1st)

Angus Creighton and Lewis King

Some of the Chesham Bois players that took place in the tournaments on both the 15th April and 2nd May.

Chesham Bois Easter Mini Tennis Success!

April 2011

Over the Easter break Chesham Bois tennis club hosted mini tennis and U12 tournaments.

On Friday 15th April we hosted a red and orange tournament in the morning. In the red tournament there were an amazing 16 entries from around Bucks and beyond. Everyone had great fun as they played their group stages with the top 2 of each group going through to the main draw and the bottom 2 of each group going into the consolation event. By the time of the main draw semi finals the home club support was very excited with 3 of the 4 semi finalists being from Chesham Bois.

As Miles Groom (Chesham Bois) beat James Pearson (GX Bull Lane) in the first semi final we were guaranteed an all Chesham Bois final. In the second semi final Jack Shawyer (Chesham Bois) beat Thomas Creighton (Chesham Bois) and then went on to beat Miles Groom in the final. Thomas Creighton then beat James Pearson in the 3rd/4th place playoff giving Chesham Bois a 1,2 and 3.

In the orange event there were 16 entries from around Bucks and Herts with the final being played between number 1 seed Lewis King from Hertfordshire and Angus Creighton from Chesham Bois tennis club. The final was tightly contested with it coming down to sudden death at 6-6 in the final tie break with Angus Creighton coming through winner 7-5 6-7 7-6 to a big cheer from the crowd.

In the U12 tournament that afternoon there was success for another local player as Nouman Aslam from Chesham 1879 won the final against Oscar Donaldson from Surrey.

On Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May there was another big turn out for a red, orange and green tournament. With 50 players entered in total the club was very busy. In the red event there were 16 entries again from all over Bucks and Berks with the same 4 players battling it out into the semi finals. This time Miles Groom (Chesham Bois) played Jack Shawyer (Chesham Bois) and James Pearson (GX Bull Lane) played Thomas Creighton (Chesham Bois) in the semi finals. James Pearson beat Thomas Creighton to stop an all Chesham Bois final again! Miles Groom beat Jack Shawyer in the semis and went on to beat James Pearson in the final.

There were 14 boys and 11 girls entered in the orange event, so the events were held separately. In the girls event the top 3 players after the round robin were Josephine Jarvis from Norfolk, Hannah Krasner (GX Bull Lane) and Kiana Mokhtari from Hertfordshire. Hannah Krasner came through the victor with Kiana Mokhtari second. In the boys event there was an all Chesham Bois semi final of Angus Creighton against Louis Groom, which guaranteed a home finalist. Angus Creighton won and went into the final against Thomas Bell from Middlesex who had beaten another local player, Cameron Reid (Chesham 1879), in the other semi final. The final was eventually won by Thomas Bell.

In the green event there was a selection of players from Bucks, Herts and Middlesex. The final 3 after the round robin event were Cameron Dollimore from Middlesex, James Weller from Herts and James Gregory (GX Bull Lane). Cameron Dollimore finished at the top with James Gregory second.

Thank you to all the players that took part and made every tournament great to watch. Also thank you to all the parents who were patient as some of the tournaments took a while to finish due to the large numbers!

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